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NBC’s Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman! (aka the boss Ron Swanson)

a nick offerman

NBC comedies have been my favorites for as long as I can remember. The current line up of Parks and Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock, and Community are keeping that trend alive.  I really think the characters and writing for those comedies are just outstanding.  One character that has intrigued me the most recently is Ron Swanson .  Ron is the head of the town Parks and Recreation Department.  Ron is anti-government and anti-vegetable!!!  Ron Swanson is somewhat of a food blogger of his own. In a recent episode he showed a photo album of every steak he had ever eaten from his favorite steak house.  His obversion of vegetables goes so deep that  he has a motto that says fish are for sport only, not eating, since they are practically vegetables.  If served vegetables unwillingly he will even politely give them back.  This week on Parks and Recreation the long awaited Pawnee Harvest Festival will air.  Hopefully they will have some potatoes or corn harvested (starches) so that Ron can share in the festivities.  We caught up with comedian Nick Offerman who play Ron Swanson to talk food.

Charleston Food Bloggers ( CFB ) :  You play a character, Ron Swanson, that loves red meat and hates vegetables.  Does Nick Offerman have similar eating patterns?

Nick Offerman: Nick Offerman would very much like to eat a similar diet to that of Ron Swanson, but unfortunately, Nick resides in the real world where real arteries can become clogged with real cholesterol. When I cheat every once in a while, I do go full-on Swanson and slather everything in bacon.

CFB:   What are your favorite snack foods?

Nick Offerman:  I don’t snack too much, but I love nuts, especially Virginia blister peanuts . I also like beef jerky and venison jerky .

CFB:    What are a few of your favorite restaurants?

Nick Offerman: Easy.  In LA: The Oinkster , Jar , Lou , Little Dom’s , Tacos Villa Corona , The Village Cafe

CFB:   Growing up, what were some of your fondest food memories?

Nick Offerman:  When I was young, we would go the Stone City VFW on Fridays for a fish fry and bowling. Also, for a special occasion we’d go to Merichka’s in Crest Hill, IL for Poorboys . My family farms corn and beans, so our sweet corn has always been amazingly fresh and delicious. I am fully corn-fed.

CFB:  Do you drink? If so, what would be your “usual”?

Nick Offerman:  I drink a lot less than when I was a Chicago theatre troll , but when I do, it’s Lagavulin Scotch , Jameson’s Irish , a Guinness , or an Old Speckled Hen .

CFB:  You provide so many people joy and laughter in your role on Parks and Rec.   What musicians, actors, movies, or TV give Nick Offerman the most joy?

Nick Offerman: Tom Waits, Megan Mullally, Neil Young, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler and the insanely funny cast of my show, Will Arnett, Paul Giamatti, Jeff Bridges….. The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie.

CFB:  If you had to describe yourself and a few of your cast-mates as a piece of food, what would it be and why?

Nick Offerman: I would obviously be an extra-fatty bone-in ribeye….Aziz I guess would be a smoked Ham, Pratt would be a humongous elk loin,  Adam Scott would obviously be a calzone, …..and I don’t think it’s appropriate for a married man to describe women as comestibles.

CFB:  Have you ever been to Charleston or anywhere in South Carolina?

Nick Offerman:  I have only been to Rock Hill and Chester while working on an indie movie with Rob Corddry and Justin Long . I was sore I never had time to get into Charleston and eat, but we had an amazing lady on set with a rolling deep-fryer, and every night she would make chicken or catfish and the hush puppies…..Swanson-riffic.


Not only is Nick a talented comedian, but he is also an accomplished woodworker.  He has done instructional DVDs on canoe building and has a website showing some of his work.