This semester Studio V, which is the design/build studio at the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston is designing and building a vertical urban garden.

 The vertical urban garden will be located in the Elliotborough Community Garden in downtown Charleston right on the Septima Clark Expressway, or “Crosstown” as it is commonly known.  They are working with the community gardeners in Elliotborough as well as the Charleston Parks Conservancy whose mission is “to increase the quality, awareness, appreciation, and usage of Charleston’s parks and greenspaces.”  The urban gardening project forces the students to address social, cultural, political, and economic conditions.  These are inherent in any project that attempts to place itself not only physically within a community but also as a social force.  The Charleston Parks Conservancy has already begun to situate community gardens within different Charleston neighborhoods.  The purpose of an urban garden is not merely a space for growing food, but a space for growing a community.


The studio is comprised of eight students: four undergraduate landscape students and four graduate architecture students.  This project will build on their distinct strengths and lead to a really great end result.  The vertical garden will mix architecture and landscape architecture into a single form.


If you would like to see what they are doing in more detail, they have started a blog.  The web address of the blog is  We hope you will look through the blog and see what they have been working on! 

Bogarden is another urban garden located only a few blocks from the Elliotborough Community Garden.  It has very colorful signs, compost, water, and fun planters that include an old sail boat.  You need to come by and see these places. If you have a green thumb and want to lend a hand I have included photos that show contact email addresses.