In the midst of Atlanta’s urban and industrial hustle and bustle stands a roadside food experience you have to see to believe.  Top Chef fan favorite Kevin Gillespie told us about this hidden gem.  He told us that a perfect day of eating in Atlanta would include lunch here at Home Grown GA!  He wasn’t lying.  The food is amazing.  Owners Kevin Clark and Lisa Spooner have created an experience that will leave your stomach smiling and your senses buzzing.  

    Home Grown GA has a garden in the back part of the parking lot where fresh summer veggies are waiting patiently to be picked and served within hours of peak ripeness.  On some days the smells from the ribs cooking outside will leave you walking slowly to the door to enjoy every second of that fantastic scent.  When you open the door you will be greeted by walls full of colorful artwork, friendly staff, and satisfied customers.  Sit down and sip on your sweet tea as you look through the menu. It now starts becoming clear that your decision on what to order is going to be tough….really tough.  It all sounds so good.  There are very few places that tempt me to order 4 sides as my meal but this is definitely one of them.  The collards, pinto beans, field peas, black eyed peas, fried green tomatoes and rutabaga sides will remind you of the best family meals from your childhood.  The only thing that prevents me from wanting to recommend you go the side dish route is the great  main courses.  The “Johnwich” has 2 beef patties, a fried green tomato, fried egg, bacon & pimento cheese on a wheat bun.  Other common main courses are Greensboro fried quail, Mississippi catfish, Gum Creek Farm meatloaf, BBQ chicken, pan seared trout, or frog legs.  Now you see why your decision is going to be tough.  Their prices are also very affordable with almost all dishes under $10.

    So here is how you have to game-plan it.  Pick your meal based on your
gut instinct and then immediately decide you need to come back 3-4 more times in the next week or two to try everything else on the menu.

    Don’t let the sometimes daunting city of Atlanta prevent you from seeking out top notch food and experiencing Kevin Clark and Lisa Spooners’  dinner done right.  Anyone from Charleston will feel right at home in this restaurant.

Home Grown GA
968 Memorial Drive Se
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 222-0455

(Pictured below are their hickory smoked spare ribs, Grant’s stack with cornbread, and pan seared trout with pinto beans which they serve for lunch)