Photo by Josh Goleman. Reprinted with permission


Sunday,  May 22, 2011
by Scott Wink of

Charleston, SC –  Jeremy Current has a lot of good things going for him right now.  He is youthful, talented, and has a desire to share his music with the world.  At the end of April 2011 he released his new album “Dark Land of the Sun“.  The 10 songs on this album are solid top to bottom.  The songs are soft and subtle which lets Jeremy’s voice shine.  If you had to compare Jeremy’s sound to someone’s I would say that only Ryan Adams’ acoustic stuff can get you close.  I hate to even say that though because Jeremy Current’s stuff sounds extremely more authentic, heartfelt and unpretentious.  As you get down to Jeremy’s tracks “Angel” and “Will You Be” you begin to drift away from those Adamsish sounds and treated to some Americana bluegrass stylings.  This should not be too much of a surprise.  The album was tracked after all at Skaggs Place Studios in Hendersonville, TN.  Ricky and the Skaggs family are monsters of the bluegrass and country scenes and have been for decades.  Luke Skaggs is credited with not only helping produce but has several instrument credits as well.  Heck, it looks like Jeremy was able to collaborate with most of the  Skaggs Family Records artists and the result is one hell of an album.  Jeremy is coming to Charleston on Saturday May 28th for a show at the Village Tavern in Mount Pleasant.  The Village Tavern is having “May Fest” and reports  Jeremy Current, Tidal Jive, Steven Hurst, David BellWhiskey ‘n’ Ramblin’, Emily Kopp, Heather Luttrell, Eric Dodd, Threadbare Brother, chamomile and whiskey, and A Fragile Tomorrow as artists set to appear on May 28th!!!  We recommend you get out there and see Jeremy and enjoy what is sure to be a great show!  Final line up and show times to be announced soon doors open at 1PM. 


We got to catch up with him and discuss some of his thoughts on food and his other influences.

Charleston Food Bloggers ( CFB ) :
   Give us a few of your favorite places to eat in Charlotte.

Jeremy Current:  I recently discovered a place called Cafe Monte, tucked behind the Hilton at Phillip’s Place. They serve classic French food. My recommendations are the mussels and the steak frites.  The Crepe Cellar is another hotspot of mine. The Queen City Crepe is wonderful as is the Roasted Chicken.  For Mexican, the best spot in town is Cantina 1511. Enchiladas de Dennis come smothered in queso and are perfect for two people. 

 CFB:   What are some good places or things to eat that you have found on the road?

Jeremy Current:  The best biscuit and honey in the world are in Asheville at Tupelo Honey (great album as well).  The best mojito is at Gladstone‘s in Malibu. They also have great calamari.  Every time I go to New York I end up at a cafe called Coffee Shop in Union Square. Pretend you’re famous and they’ll seat you immediately. Great herbed fries and burger. 

 CFB:  You recently completed a fund raising effort on to help support the making of your current album “Dark Land of the Sun”.  One of the experiences you sold was to cook dinner for one of your fans.  What do you plan on cooking that fan? Is cooking something you do often or are any good at?

 Jeremy Current:  My mother taught me southern cooking and the beauty of butter and salt. She has a repertoire of about 20 dishes ranging from Chicken and Dumplings to Enchiladas. I imagine for this dinner I will consult her wisdom. I’m leaning towards the Chicken Tetrazzini. I am a decent cook but I’m far better at eating and drinking.   

 CFB:   Any good food memories you want to share? (special family dishes, traditions, foods discovered on family vacations….whatever)

 Jeremy Current:   I have a memory of being a small child and reaching up on the counter to try and grab a bowl of whatever my mom was making. I think that picture pretty much articulates how I feel most of the time. Searching in places I can only use my hands to see. Anyway, the bowl was a mixture for yeast rolls and had several cups of flour that I pulled over on top of my head and covered myself with its white powder. 

 My mom loved it and snapped several photos. I’m sure she had to start all over but my mom makes the best yeast rolls I’ve ever had so I guarantee it all ended well.

 CFB:  What is your musical background? 

 Jeremy Current:  I grew up in a conservative christian home that didn’t allow any pop or rock radio. I rebelled and snuck my Walkman late at night to brush up on new rock music from the local pop station. Back then radio was so different. Now I feel like pop radio is an extension of rap & hip-hop radio. Then I could listen to Americana and alt. country influenced rock on the hit stations. So I would listen, literally covering my head with the covers and mouth the lyrics to songs of The Wallflowers, Sheryl Crow, Hootie & the Blowfish, and other great 90’s bands. 

 I started playing guitar at 15 and have gravitated towards Gibson guitars from the beginning. Their slogan totally worked on me. “Only Gibson is good enough.” I have definitely grown my collection since that first Gibson SG and now I also play a Gretsch Nashville, an Airline Bobcat II, and for acoustics I have a ’59 Country Western and a ’64 J-50.

 CFB:   How much time have you spent in the Charleston?

 Jeremy Current:  I’ve enjoyed the four or five trips I’ve made to Charleston. I came on a high school trip and visited the battleship and aquarium like a good tourist. More recently I’ve played at Music Farm with Mark Bryan, Joe Firstman and Tyler Mechem and returned to open a show for Sons of Bill and Crowfield. The last time I was in town was to open for Jay Clifford at The Pour House. 

 CFB:   Give us a current play-list of some current musicians or songs you are into right now.

 Jeremy Current:  I take pretty significant breaks from listening to any new music while I’m recording an album, but a few of the artists that influenced the making of “Dark Land of the Sun” are Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Elliott Smith, Wilco and John Lennon. Those are some of my all time favorites. I am looking forward to listening to some of the new albums coming out soon, such as the one from Gillian Welch coming out this year.  

 CFB:   My friend Claire has seen you play a few times and said …”In my opinion, his music has a very pure folk/rock sound mixed with an edginess that’s occasionally unexpected…it might be interesting to see if his taste palate matches his musical aesthetic. [i.e. classic flavors with a twist?]”  What do you think about that statement?

Jeremy Current:   I appreciate when people try to stamp a genre on my music because it feels a little ambiguous to me. I have influences coming in from so many directions. Everyone I listed in my influences has purity in their sound and at least occasional edginess, if not often. I often listen to much harder music than I tend to write. But ultimately, I write out of a mood and a situation, and most of those situations are just more beautiful and sad than they are violent or loud. 

Photo by Josh Goleman. Reprinted with permission