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Jack’s Cosmic Dogs is perfect for a space theme birthday party

Thursday June 2nd,  2011
by Scott Wink of

Mount Pleasant, SC – Our son turned two this May and we decided to have his birthday party at the children’s park across from Alhambra Hall in Old Mount Pleasant.  Over the course of a few weeks we decided to have a space theme and get Jack’s Cosmic Dogs cater it.  Jack’s Cosmic Dogs in Mount Pleasant is located at 2805 Hwy 17 North.  While waiting in line at Jack’s a few years ago I noticed Food Networks’ Alton Brown walked in with his family and waited in line behind me.  This is not an unusual event.  Alton is a regular at Jack’s when he is in town and constantly refers to Jack’s Cosmic Dogs as, “The best hot dogs I’ve ever had. Ever.” 

What makes Jack’s Cosmic Dog so good?  Homemade toppings such as sweet potato mustard and blue cheese slaw could be the answer.  Great fries, good buns, and creative dog alternatives such as meatloaf dog, carrot dog, tofu dog, or black bean dog also add to the excitement.  To top it off, soft serve ice cream custard, Moon Pies, fun cosmic decorations, and art work on the wall by Marius Valdes complete the full experience.

The birthday party would have to use Jack’s mobile catering 1964 silver Airstream.  This is a bright and shiny trailer with a large red rocket mounted on the roof.  The Airstream can be driven right up to your event.  They put out a menu board and serve through a window in the side of the Airstream like a food truck.  Your guests can walk up and get their dog exactly how they want it!

We developed the space theme to include the kids wearing rocket, Star Wars, and similar themed clothing.  We found some large rocketship helium balloons at the Mt Pleasant Piggly Wiggly.  We also made cupcakes and purchased little cut outs of aliens and spaceships to put in each one.

Lastly we used a large industrial roll of aluminum foil and created a few space helmets (imagine the M. Night Shyamalan movie “Signs”).  We then let the parents and kids come up their own helmet designs. Some people made dinosaur looking hats, some Star Wars looking hats, and some wrapped the foil around their arms and legs to look like robots.  The kids had a lot of fun and both the kids and parents enjoyed some great food!

Thanks to The Big Dog, Jack Hurley, for creating the concept and restaurant and thanks to Josh for driving out and slinging the dogs for us!!!  Jack’s now has a location in James Island on Folly Road and are preparing to open another location in West Ashley.

You can have your event catered by Jack’s as well. Just go to
for more information.