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Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ: Going beyond just pulled pork

Saturday, July 2nd 2011
by Scott Wink of

Charleston, SC  –   What makes Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ good?  They have lots of great sauces to choose from, best beef brisket in Charleston, best Brunswick stew in Charleston, good specials and sides and a great atmosphere.

Chef Craig Deihl of Charleston restaurant Cypress recently told the Post and Courier  “the barbecue in Brooklyn was definitely better than any I’ve had in Charleston in a long time, so I’d love to see someone step it up a few notches”.  Not so fast Chef Deihl.  I can see how Melvin’s, Bessinger’s, Maurice’s, and Sticky Fingers are pretty boring.  Their menus haven’t changed significantly in decades. While those tired old BBQ joints have fallen asleep at the stove and are serving up the same old items year after year after year Home Team is keeping it new. I believe Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ has taken it up several notches!   Led by Owner/Chef Aaron Siegel, Home Team is constantly trying new items and flavor combinations.  His vision is combining traditional processes and techniques of
classical cuisine with the simplicity of comfort food, BBQ, and Southern

Home Team’s West Ashley Executive Chef Madison Ruckel in action

They have two locations.  One on Sullivan’s Island and one in West Ashley.  This post is of my visit to the West Ashley location.  

I like the atmosphere at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ.  Home Team is an inviting place with lots of big windows and natural light coming in.  The walls are decorated with concert posters and pork related signs. I enjoy the rustic decorations like tin cans used for lighting and burlap sacks on the ceiling.

There are 3 main parts of the restaurant: The ordering area, the bar/concert area, and the outdoor seating area.  The bar and concert area is fantastic.  Both blues and rock and roll music goes great with BBQ.  Most nights of the week Home Team features a solid musical act. 

Now lets get to the food!   Most people know South Carolina is famous for its pulled pork and mustard sauce.  I am a huge fan of it as well.  Home Team cooks that as well as anyone. You can get your pulled pork alone, on a sandwich, or as a slider. Home Team’s pulled pork and mustard sauce are good but what makes this place better than most is all the rest they have to offer.


pulled pork slider with coleslaw and pickle

Mexican restaurants have chips and Italian restaurants have bread sticks.   What should a standard appetizer be for South Carolina BBQ?  How about pork rinds and pimento cheese?  How about tortilla chips seasoned with BBQ rub?   Good answer Home Team.

Home Team’s pork rinds, pimento cheese and BBQ tortilla chips

I know there is a controversy about if Brunswick stew originated in Brunswick, GA or Brunswick, VA.  What should not be too controversial is that Home Team has the best Brunswick stew in Charleston.  It uses pork as the meat and adds lots of slow cooked vegetables such as corn, beans, and tomatoes.   

You can get that Brunswick stew as a side or choose from mac and cheese, collards, cucumber and tomato salad, cole slaw, potato salad, red rice, creamy grits, baked beans or mashed potatoes.  The sides I regularly order are the cucumber and tomato salad and the mac and cheese but all are pretty solid choices.

I know most of you regular Home Team customers get a craving for your favorite items and don’t even look at the other items on the menu.  You should take more notice.  Their pork taquitos were outstanding.  They are not a regular item but were delicious.  They are fried and crispy with lots of good guac and salsa on top.

They also have a lively bar area with many regular customers.  Th Owner/Chef Aaron Siegel created the recipe for this beautiful and delicious watermelon pineapple mojito.

As if I haven’t given you enough good reasons to try and keep coming back to Home Team here are a few more. Their sauces and tenderness of the meats are outstanding.  The beef brisket blew us off our feet. We could barely pick it up with our forks it was so moist and tender.  It had a great thin layer of fat that melted in our mouth and little bit of a BBQ crunch on the top to give it some texture.  I am definitely ordering some beef brisket on my next visit….maybe in a taco.  The ribs were good.  I am not a huge rib guy but they were definitely better than Sticky Fingers.

Have you ever had “White BBQ sauce”? Have you ever had “Watermelon BBQ sauce”?  Well I have now. I am not sure how often they have these sauces but I was happy to try them.  I had never tasted a white mayo based sauce similar to the ones found in parts of Alabama so I was extremely happy with that experience.  Since it is mayo based it can’t just sit out on the tables so you may have to ask for it since it is probably stored under refrigeration.  They also have the other standards such as red, hot, sweet, and mustard.

Writing this post has made me hungry again……Thanks for taking it up a couple of notches Home Team!

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