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Charleston Food Bloggers ( CFB ) : As a former camp counselor what are a few of your favorite songs and food items for a campfire?

Brett Dennen: Peaceful Easy Feeling“, I love to sing that song around a fire. And
for food, I like a big bowl of black bean chili and some cornbread.

CFB:  What are a few of your favorite restaurants?

Brett Dennen:  My favorite restaurants are Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica, CA and El Molino in Boyes Hot Springs, CA.

CFB:  I love how your sound and style is so unique. Does that carry into your
diet? Do you have any unique or unusual things you like to eat or ways
to eat things?

Brett Dennen:  I mostly eat a lot of raw vegan food, but I love sushi. And I have a hard time resisting chips and salsa.

CFB:  Halloween is sneaking up on us again. Let’s talk about candy. People
usually come home and go through their bag of candy and divide it into 2
piles…..candy they like, “good candy” and candy they don’t like “bad
candy”. What would be a few things you put in each pile?

Brett Dennen:  “Good Candy” is always anything rich and chocolaty like Resse’s
cups or Twix or Milk Duds. “Bad Candy” is hard fruity stuff like Jolly
Ranchers. I can’t stand Good ‘n Plenty.

CFB:  Do you cook? If so do you have some specialties?

Brett Dennen:  Yes. I make a lot of raw food. Tacos and soups and lasagnas and
salads. Its fun to make raw versions of those. I’m also pretty handy
with cooking fish.

CFB:  Your new album Loverboy is so solid top to bottom. Which song on the album are you currently the most happy with?

Brett Dennen:  Frozen In Slow Motion. I think it is bumpin’. Love a slow jam.

CFB:  A lot of people like to look for meaning in artists’ songs. Do you like
to keep that stuff private or would you discuss some of your personal
experiences that inspired the song Sydney (I’ll Come Running). It
sounds fun and light with a great melody but lyrically it is a very
emotionally charged song of possibly friendship, guilt, and devotion…..
Would you share any small inspirations about that song with us? For
example some of my favorite lines are: “Allegations made in the school
yard Soccer moms gossip in the dog park Their bark is worse then their

Brett Dennen:  It’s mostly about standing up to bullies. But I wrote it for a
friend who was accused of something he didn’t do, and a lot of people
around started talking smack.

CFB:  I met the guys from Guster last month and went out to dinner with leadsinger Ryan Miller. They are great guys. I see that you will be doing
some shows with them later in the year and also that Luke Reynolds
contributed to Loverboy. How long have you known those guys?

Brett Dennen:
  I’ve known Guster since ’07 and I’ve known Luke for longer. Luke and
I used to be housemates, and he played in my band for a while.