CharlestonFoodBloggers Scott and Crystal Wink with Chef Marcus Samuelsson (center)

Wednesday Oct 25th, 2011

by Scott Wink of

Charleston, SC  –  On October 20th the winner of Top Chef Masters Season 2 and current Next Iron Chef contestant ( #NextIronChef ) Marcus Samuelsson came to Charleston to give a cooking demo in West Ashley at Signature Appliance Center showroom.  Samuelsson has won multiple James Beard Awards and is owner of hot NYC restaurant Red Rooster.  The event was sponsored by the company Bluestar which makes restaurant quality gas ranges for use in the home.  Several features of the stove that Marcus highlighted made my wife’s mouth water at the thought of owning one… mouth was watering while smelling Marcus cook.   Getting high enough heat for a wok was one of the most impressive features.  Also impressive was the amount of customization you had when it comes to choosing your range.  There are thousands of combinations and almost 200 colors you could choose from to create your own unique range.

During the demo Marcus cooked dishes from his cookbook: New American Table.  Dished included meatballs, tacos, soup, salmon, spiced cake.  Marcus was able to seamlessly prepare his dishes while interacting with the crowd.  He seemed to enjoy sharing his thoughts on the constant evolution on what is considered American cuisine.  Marcus had a chance to try some Charleston food earlier in the day.  He mentioned having lunch at Alluette’s Cafe downtown on Reid St. 

The portions were humorously tiny but delicious.  You could fit 2 complete tacos on the end of a fork (see below).  The soup was probably our favorite dish. I was surprised at how well almonds and mushrooms blended together. We are going to have to get his cookbook and try some of his recipes out at home.  Here was the full menu:


Prosciutto Flatbread

Corn Pancakes with Chili-Covered Gravlax


Salsify Soup with marinated Mushrooms

Chorizo-Style Meatballs with Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa

Chicken Sate with Baby Spinach and Garlic Feta Dip

Fish Taco


Malva Pudding