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Lunch at High Thyme with radio personalities The Critic and Stupid Mike

Scott, Stupid Mike, and The Critic (l-r)

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The dishes are introduced by Executive Chef Taylor Still.

Executive Chef Taylor Still

Friday December 30th, 2011
by Scott Wink of

Charleston, SC  –  As 2011 comes to a close I am having lunch on Sullivan’s Island, SC at High Thyme with a few of my favorite Charleston radio personalities.  The Critic (James Voigt) and Stupid Mike (Mike Fili) from “105.5 The Bridge” are joining me to talk about food, New Year’s Eve, and some of their favorite things from 2011.

High Thyme is a nice restaurant right in the middle of that great strip of bars and restaurants on Sullivan’s Island.  They have been open for about 8 years and are located at 2213-C Middle Street next to Dunleavy’s Pub and the new Taco Mamacita’s.  High Thyme has recently started opening for lunch on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11:30AM-2:30PM.

On this particular day the sun is starting to heat up the frosty morning chill.  We woke up to frozen windshields and then quickly had to peel off those warm outer layers and start questioning if we should be sitting on High Thyme’s now warm and inviting deck.

We start off with two plates.  One is the arugula salad with pecans, goat cheese, dried cherries, and a basil vinaigrette and the other is a sesame seared yellow-fin tuna served over a soba noodle salad with red chili ginger honey.  The arugula salad is beautiful and hit all the notes I like in a salad. I don’t like raisins but have been on a big dried cherry kick lately so this was perfect for me.  The tuna was also very light and delicate but packed a nice punch of complimentary flavors and just a hint of spice.

The second course was the grilled lamb salad with onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, pita triangles, and yogurt dressing.  The lamb part of this dish is the tricky part but I felt it was seasoned really well and had nice texture. The yogurt dressing was there but didn’t smoother out all of the ingredients so I was very pleased.

Next we tried the hot dogs and BBQ.  The hot dogs come in a pair and are topped with chili, cheese, slaw, and onions. It came with a side of cold macaroni salad. We had the Eastern NC style BBQ pork sandwich, with spicy red  slaw, and jalapeno hush puppies (not pictured).  Stupid Mike really liked the hush puppies and The Critic is a self proclaimed hot dog savant so these plates were definitely winners.

James Voigt, aka The Critic, is a self proclaimed hot dog savant

To finish off lunch we had a piece of their key lime pie with whipped cream.  I grew up in Florida so I have had hundreds of key lime pies in my day.  I have to say this was a really good version.  Is was a perfect balance of sweet and tart with the cracker crust that was firm and not too crumbly.

I will be headed back to High Thyme for lunch again soon. I already know what I want to try next time: the shrimp salad croissant and the braised beef sandwich.

Finding a new favorite place to eat or a new favorite dish can be something special.  Just like how when The Critic finds a new band or song that he likes he is happy to share his findings to the world. That same urge happens inside of me when I find or rediscover a great place to eat.  There are a lot of restaurant choices on Sullivan’s Island. Don’t let all the choices distract you from checking out or rediscovering High Thyme…….and definitely put them at the top of your list of lunch options!

Stupid Mike reading the menu???