I recently became the “Chief Chowzter” for Charleston for a new website called www.chowzter.com  .  Chowzter’s goal is to gather food enthusiasts from around the world and maintain a top 7 in each major city of must try dishes.  The dishes are called “fast feasts” because we are not talking about fine dining dishes. They are interested in the best dishes particularly in regional categories that tend to be highly competitive.  So best hamburger or BBQ or lobster roll might be a category the Chief Chowzter decides to declare worthy or anointing one dish in town as currently more outstanding than the rest.  Chowzter also has an app for your smart phone that lets you pick your top dishes and upload photos or reviews on both your dishes or of the dishes the Chief Chowzter has picked.  Sure there are places like Yelp and Urban Spoon that lets thousands of faceless user review and rate whole restaurants but as we know there are lots of trolling restaurants that go on those sites and write bad reviews with bad ratings in efforts to improve their own rankings.  With Chowzter you have a few dozen independent foodies giving you the key dishes to try in each city. Do we care if you had to wait 10 minutes to get a table??? No.  Do we care if the décor might be dated or napkins to cheap?? ? No. Never. We care about the food and the specific dish you are going to be served.   To people who love food that is the most important thing.  Some dive restaurants can dish out some of the tastiest things and some fine dining restaurants can also make some of the best food in very approachable category.  With my list you will see that.  It goes from best BBQ at the small but delicious Hello My Name is BBQ to the best burger at fine dining shining star Husk.  Let me know what you think and what your favorites are.  I went to San Francisco representing Charleston and the 7 dishes I have chosen at the Chowzter North American Awards.  The top 50 Fast Feasts in North American were announced. Charleston’s The Ordinary was named the #6 dish in America!

Below is a video from the awards weekend with the other bloggers and a list of my top 7 dishes in Charleston:


Seafood Oyster Sliders  @  The Ordinary
Chef Mike Lata’s new Southern seafood hall and oyster bar delivers with these $5 sliders that will change how you looks at oysters forever.


Vanwall Special  @  Monza
This Italian racing inspired restaurant gets the checkered flag with this pizza topped with pesto, mozzarella, local white shrimp, seasonal tomatoes.

Fried Chicken

 Fried Chicken Biscuit  @  The Original Ms Rose’s
Fried Chicken Biscuit mayo & dill pickles, simple, fluffy, crispy goodness. Perfect anytime of the day.


Husk Cheeseburger  @  Husk
Bon Appetite featured it on their cover and named Husk the best new restaurant in the country a while back. For as much hype as Chef Sean Brock and Husk gets the burger continues to shine.



Boss Hog  @  Hello My Name is BBQ
This food truck turned bricks and mortar serves the Boss Hog as tall as a Charleston church steeple. It is made of Holy City beer braised pork bbq on brioche bun with lightly grilled jalapeños, BBQ’d bacon (yes that is BBQ’d bacon), tomato, and cole slaw.



Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich  @  Kickin’ Chicken
Choose the fried option for the chicken and it comes topped with bacon, provolone cheese, and with a side of special sauce. This is the perfect comfort food any day of the week. I crave this thing!


Hot Dog

Cosmic Dog  @  Jacks Cosmic Dogs
Topped with Jack’s original blue cheese slaw and famous recipe sweet potato mustard. Alton Brown’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” hot dog.