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Top 7 habits for good time management in the computer age (just for fun)

Do you have the right habits to stay productive in the modern world of computers and smart phones?


#1) If gifs like this mesmerize you, stay off the internet.

#2) Stay off social media.

#3) Don’t click on “Top” lists.

#4) Stop reading this now.



#5) See #4.

#6) Why are you are still reading this? There is no hope for you.


#7) Congratulations, you used your instincts and completed what you started rather than quitting when someone else encouraged you to. There is hope for you yet.


How to score this:

If you quit after #1 you are scared of bunnies.

If you quit after #2 you are a rule follower or have zero attention span.

If you quit after #3 you are quick to be skeptical or realized the “Top” lists thing is jumping the shark.

If you quit after #4 you were reading this at work and suddenly had a panic attack that your I.T. department was watching you.

If you quit after #5 you are now looking for more Star Wars Storm Trooper gifs.

If you quit after #6 you are now depressed and possibly looking for your old bottle of Prozac.

If you read all the way to this point you are a very task oriented person that likes to finish what they start but should probably start questioning the things they choose to start!

Which ones do you think your friends are haha.