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Here is your guide to a few of the best and worst deals of Charleston Restaurant Week, Jan 2015

Charleston Restaurant “Week” is here….again.  Jan 7th-18th about 150 Charleston restaurants will feature a special set menu.  Charleston Restaurant Week (CRW) has evolved quite a bit in recent years. Below are a few examples of the best and worst deals of CRW. This should caution you to choose your restaurant and food items wisely.  Just a few of the possible choices on these menus could actually be more expensive than just ordering them off the menu and most of them include a dessert as one of the courses. Send us your feedback from  your experiences this year by tagging us in your food photos on Instagram or Twitter (#charlestonfoodbloggers). Make sure you do your research this year so can be sure you are getting a good deal.

Charleston Restaurant Week:

CRW chart

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The Granary ~$55 for $40

I love this offering.  This is also happens to be one of the best places to eat in Mt Pleasant.  If you don’t go for CWR be sure to try it soon.  $40 for a butcher plate, lamb bolognese, a New York Strip, and a dessert.  I would estimate this to be a $55 value for $40.



The Gin Joint ~$16 for $10

The only trouble with the Gin Joint is that it can fill up very fast.  I recommend this menu and suggest you try to get there just shortly after they open at 5PM.  The bar tenders serve serious drinks and the food is always nice.  I value this offering at ~$16 for the price of $10.


CWR good 2


Fish ~ $42 for $30

Fish was one of the first new upscale restaurants to the Upper King area.  They have a beautiful location and this menu is expansive, delicious, and flexible.  There is value……when was the last time you went here? You need to head on back!

CRW Fish 1


CRW Fish 2


CO  ~$29 for $20

If you wanted an international restaurant to try during CRW I recommend CO.  There is great value and the food quality and flavor have ALWAYS been great when I eat there.  It is the middle of the King Street and remember if it looks crowded there is a community table in the back area downstairs, a bar area, and some upstairs tables.





Hyman’s!!! ~$47 for $25

Yes, I said it. Hyman’s Seafood which is typically overrated nationally and underrated locally is doing CWR right!  They may have the best value of this CWR.  I estimate this offering to be $47 worth of food for $25 when you factor in the free glass of wine.

CWR good 3




Jasmine Porch ~$23 for $20


Lunch is typically a great time of day to get a lot of value at restaurants.  Places typically serve the same food as dinner but at ~25% lower prices.  I was excited to see Jasmine Porch on the lunch list until I saw the offereing.  That is about a $23 offering for $20 and only at lunch….not too exciting. They need to try harder especially considering the distance.


CWR bad 2




Katsu has a range of ~$17 for $20  up to $32 for $20

If you play your cards wrong (fountain drink, edamame, and the fish dinner) on this one you could actually overpay. .  The winning combo here would be a glass of wine, some wontons, and the steak and shrimp.  The value of a fountain drink is so small they should never be an option on the CWR menu.





39 Rue de Jean ~$38-44 for $40

I love eating at Rue de Jean.  They serve some great food……however I rarely spend $40 when I eat there.  I can typically get two of my favorite menu items and be full for under $20.  This would just be too much and not much value. I value these meals to be about $44 regular price for $40.  So I’d save $4 but have to spend twice as much as I usually do.  This one is not good for me personally but again I do love eating here…..maybe at $30 I give it a try.


CWR bad 3


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