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BBC America airs Million Dollar Critic’s Charleston, SC episode

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BBC America recently filmed an episode of the its new food show, Million Dollar Critic, in Charleston, SC.  It will be episode 3 of season 1.  The show features London food critic Giles Coren as the host.  While in town they filmed at The Obstinate Daughter, Lee Lee’s Kitchen, Poogan’s Porch, The Lot, Rutledge Cab Co, and Alluette’s Cafe.  The show will originally air Thursday night January 29th but is set to be rebroadcast several times in the near future including 11AM on Saturday Jan 31st 2015.  I was able to hang out with Giles for quite a while he was in town during shooting. Ironically I was in London for the Global Food Awards during most of the filming of the episode.  I got back in time to still meet up with Giles and discuss my new perspective on the London food scene.

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One of the best parts of the day was discussing the origins of Charleston’s famous shrimp and grits compared to London’s jellied eels.  We discussed the origins of both and it was amazing how similar the history of them are but how polar opposite present opinion is on them.  Both began as dishes that were easily accessible to the poor or working class of the region.  Both contain a seafood protein.  However shrimp and grits has become extremely popular in places like North America and Europe where as jellied eel is extremely unpopular in those places and finds more of a home in Asian cuisine despite its European origins.

All-in-all I really enjoyed my time with Giles and I wish him much success on his new show Million Dollar Critic.
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